Would Jesus Eat Frybread?

Join us November 4-6th, 2016, for a gathering of 100+ Native college students at Haskell Indian Nations University representing more than 50 tribes and nations who together are answering the question: “Would Jesus Eat Frybread?”

The Would Jesus Eat Frybread? Conference (WJEF) is a gathering for Native students across the U.S. & Canada to meet other Native college students who want to follow Jesus while honoring their people, cultures, and traditions. This is where one can learn from tribal elders as they offer their wisdom, experiences and stories. Students will explore how following the Jesus Way can free you to:

  • walk in beauty in the midst of abuse and oppression
  • share the gifts that Creator has placed in your culture
  • receive healing in prayer for personal and historical abuses
  • discover your place in the story of hope and restoration that Creator is writing
  • be sent back to your campus with a full belly and a happy heart.