Dive deeper into the Word and the world around us as we discuss current issues and how to grow spiritually in the Imani Conference Seminars.  During each seminar block you will be able to to choose two of the four options!  Be thinking now which ones you want to go to!

Seminar Offerings Will Include:

Seminar Block 1 (2 45-minute sessions)*

  1. Fear and Faith
  2. Common College Struggles
  3. Tough Talks: Reconciliation
  4. Intro to the Bible

Seminar Block 2 (2 30-minute sessions)*

  1. Majoring in Faith
  2. Intro to Mission Work
  3. Tough Talks: Identities (1 hour)
  4. Learning How to Pray


* Some seminars will be held jointly with Ohana and Mi Gente so we can connect and learn together!

More information about seminars will be coming soon!