Groups Investigating God (GIG)

What is a GIG???  

A GIG is a “group investigating God”. It is an opportunity for two or more people to have a discussion flowing from a passage of Scripture. It is a time for friends to be together, ask questions, and talk honestly about their lives.  A GIG is an investigation. It is intended for people who want to “check it out.” The majority of people in the group have not made a commitment to follow Jesus. But it is not a group meeting just for conversation; its purpose is to find out more about Jesus from the Bible, helping our friends become his followers.

1 Page General Overview (PDF) -> roadmap-to-a-gig-overview

Road map towards a GIG  (click on each step for more info):  **We want to acknowledge that not all GIGs will follow these same steps, but these are general steps that students & staff have found helpful.**

Step 1:  The “Ask”  Getting things started!

Step 2:  What should I study?  Resources for your group

Step 3:  The first meeting!  Preparation

Step 4:  Midway point-Tips & Encouragements

Step 5:  Presenting the gospel 

Step 6:  Next steps.  Guide to your last meeting, what to do next?


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