Step 1: The “Ask” Getting things started!

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Step 1:  The “Ask”  Getting things started!

  • Think of a person you would like to invite to a GIG. Have they expressed an interest in spiritual matters?
  • Write out an invitation that begins with their interest and bridges to an invitation.  “Hey, I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday about environmental concerns, would you be interested in reading about what the bible might have to say about that?”  Practice your invitation with a friend, have a friend pray for you, and go make the invitation.  
  • Slide your invitation into your natural conversations with your friend.  


As you invite your friends, here are some suggestions for introducing them to a GIG:             

  • This is a spiritual discussion.
  •  You don’t need to know anything about the Bible, just be curious and open.
  • We will be looking at stories from Jesus’ biographies.
  • This is where, when and for how long we will meet.
  •  You can invite a friend.


Additional Resources:

  •   Video about “Inviting International Friends into investigative Bible studies”.  This video has some great practical advice & steps when it comes to making invitations that could apply to not only international students but others as well.


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