Additional GIG studies

Additional GIG studies

Fruit of the Spirit:

The purpose of this Bible study is to take you in-depth through Galatians 5:22-23. These two verses talk about “the fruit of the Spirit.” Each one of these studies will focus on one of the listed “fruits.” You can do them in any order.

Genesis Study:

This study on Genesis is a 25-part study and can be done in its entirety or leaders can pick which parts they want to go through. Doing this over an entire semester would be helpful because of its length

Art and the Bible:

This is a 12 part study that goes through different passages of the bible and art pertaining to them. Questions for the study tie together the passage to the art piece and bring together thought-provoking questions on their relation.

Book of Ruth:

This study will take you through the book of Ruth a chapter at a time. The book Ruth tracks the human emotions of despair, providence, culture, and control. The characters in Ruth must face these emotions and look to see how God is involved in each of them.

Parables of Jesus:

While Jesus was on earth he often spoke in parables; analogies. These analogies are used to communicate a certain lesson to a select group while it still remains hidden to others. This 10-part series will go through different parables Jesus said throughout the Bible.


Significance of Jesus death on the cross

Coming home to God:  Parable of the lost son


Christianity is Patriarichal, Oppressive, and sexist Part 1

Part 1 of 2: God and the church are often accused of oppressing women and treating them as second-class citizens. In this study, you will discover the way Jesus treated women and his idea of what the church was supposed to look like.

Christianity is Patriarchal, Oppressive, and Sexist Part 2 Part 2 of 2:

Paul’s writings on marriage are often twisted to accuse the church of being sexist and oppressing women. In this study, you will explore the real meaning and context of Paul’s words on marriage, and what it says about the church’s values for men and women.


Christianity is Responsible for the Environmental Crisis.

This study dives into how God created the world and how we, as humans, are told to care for it.


Christianity is a Crutch for Weak People

Some people think religion is an invention Christians create to cover their wounds and give them something to believe in so they can have confidence. In this study, participants will discover that we are all weak in some way and need Jesus to heal us and make us strong.


Christianity is Based on Blind Faith

Believing in a God that people cannot physically see seems like blind faith to those who are not Christian. This GIG shows how Jesus is willing to give evidence of his existence to people, but also how evidence can only go so far.


You Can’t Trust the Bible Because Humans Wrote It

The Bible is seen by some as merely a story that is made up and holds no validity. This study can help guide a discussion with someone who doubts the validity of scripture.


Do Your Christian Beliefs Make Any Difference?

Explore how Christianity is a religion that is called to aid those who are marginalized in society. See what Jesus had to say to a religious teacher of his time about what it meant to truly love others around us.


Is There Any Evidence God Exists

Can Christians prove that God really exists? In this study, you’ll discover the validity of scripture and how the story of Jesus could not have been invented by humans.


Why Are Christians So Judgemental?

Are Christians too judgmental? This GIG looks at what Jesus has to say about judgment and if it is appropriate for Christians to judge.


I Can’t Believe in a Religion that Condemns My Gay Friend

Many people have a misconception of what Christianity teaches about certain issues. In this study, you will explore whether Jesus truly condemns people for sexual sin. Jesus has a very different approach than you might expect.


Religion is Fine, But Keep It To Yourself

Many people feel that religion should be exclusively a personal matter, affecting only the individual who chooses to practice it. In this GIG, we see some friends carry their paralyzed friend to meet Jesus to see if he can help. This story shows the type of religion Jesus is promoting and the way that people are longing for an encounter with it.


I Believe in God, But Don’t Practice Organized Religion

Becoming part of the larger Christian community is important when it comes to following Jesus. However, some people resist labeling themselves “Christian” because they do not see the need to be part of the larger community of believers. This GIG addresses why being part of the Christian community is so important.


It’s Arrogant to Believe Yours is the Only True Religions (Part 1)

Part 1 of 2: Can Christianity be the only true religion? This GIG looks at why Jesus is the only way to the Father and how the way he cares for people is different from all other religions.

It’s Arrogant to Believe Yours is the Only True Religions (Part 2)

Part 2 of 2: Can Christianity be the only true religion? This GIG looks at why Jesus is the only way to the Father and how the way he cares for people is different from all other religions


Christianity Is All About Following Rules

Some people think that becoming Christian will take away their freedom. Is Christianity just a set of rules? This GIG addresses how following Jesus is more than rules, and how we gain true freedom when we follow God’s commandments.