Step 3: The first meeting! Preparation

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Step 3:  Congratulations!  If you’re at this step on the roadmap, you’ve made an invitation, prepped what you & your friend(s) will be looking at, and have a scheduled time for the first meeting!

So… what do you need for the first meeting?  Here are some ideas:

Here are some reminders & tips on leading:

  • Your job as facilitator is to guide people in discovering what the text says about Jesus and provide opportunities to respond to him. You do not have to have all the answers
  • Create an atmosphere of openness, interaction and response. Encourage everyone to participate.  Create opportunities for people to respond to the text. Ask people to identify with one of the character’s actions and attitudes in the story.
  • In your weekly discussions, allow sufficient time for application. Share how the passage has become real in your life. Be authentic and vulnerable. This will help participants make practical responses, not just intellectual discoveries.



5 EASY to remember questions to ask:  Basics questions to ask during a GIG

Video of some additional tips on leading the first meeting ->


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